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This text is a very small part of my life. You are reading just a drop from the sea of my life.

Hello, I am Amir Massoud Momeni. It was in the middle of summer, early in the night, that I was born in Isfahan one of the attractive. I grew up in a working class family, our family was considered weak in terms of social status. However; There was a great and unique power in my family. Our only weakness was green and lack of knowledge. I do not know how many people remember their childhood, but I was one of those who I didn't have a pleasant childhood and I remember many parts of my childhood clearly

I have diligent and indefatigable parents. They suffered a lot in life. Despite the many people around us , we were a family that had only ourselves. We were always changing our place of residence. We never had a fixed place to live. There were many times when we had nothing to eat. But Despite these absences, there were great possessions in our lives.

We had each other also we loved each other, We were not satisfied with the status quo and wanted more things in life. During all the hard days of the past, which were full of mistakes, hardships and inexperience, I always had great thoughts in my mind.As the days passed, my thoughts grew bigger and bigger. My desires and aspirations in life also increased.

I have the reality of these wishes and that they are not wishes and desires. I knew something was making me different from others.So far, I'm sure, my desires and aspirations have grown so much that 1 in 1 billion people have these thoughts and desires in their minds. And he wants to give it to them. I believed that I would achieve my dreams.

In my senior year of high school, I decided to start to achieve my big dreams and thoughts. First I started doing sport and I chose to start bodybuilding but nothing always goes the way you want them. What I was doing was experiencing paths that we're never my plan. I had to through these new paths. As I continued, like dominoes, I was making good and bad and These good and bad things gave me a lot of experience. And I was never disappointed in this career and I did not forget what I wanted. I started to learn from everything I saw in my life and this was one of the ways to reach my goal and move better in my career.

Of course, learning was not enough. I had to utilize what I had learned, and that was to use the good parts and experiences of life and learn from the bad parts so that I would not repeat them again and use them. I learned to work on my mind and be strong, strong-willed to control my emotions myself rather than to be controlled by others. Five years later, I won the European Modeling Gold Medal. After winning the medal, I was still experimenting in the path I had taken.

In those days, music was one of my favorites which gave me a beautiful and relaxing feeling. This interest led me to enter the field of music. My decision was to try as much as I could to achieve my goals in different ways.I started a new career by started recording a podcast.

I had gained new experiences in sports. Experiences that were not limited to the gym. Exercise was one of the most important and influential experiences of my life until after ten years of exercising,I changed the path of my life overnight. I started a new and completely different path in my life. And As the days passed, my dreams are growing bigger and my desires and decisions are getting more and tougher than before.

I'm proud of my current position and what I have achieved and if I go back to the past, I will go the same way again, because I think this career makes the root ‌ and a solid foundation built for when I reach what I wanted, of course,I do not promise that my wishes will remain as they are now.


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